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Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S

Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S
Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S

Ultra-Slim 25-Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with Audio Interface

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All keyboard controllers are not created equal. This is the one with more features, more accessories and more useful software than anything in its class. The UMA25S MIDI Controller is an extremely flexible master control keyboard designed for a wide range of applications from on-stage performance to podcasting. Do you need independent control of computer rack synthesizers? How about control over general MIDI sound modules and effects devices? Maybe you just want to operate sequencing software or computer plug-ins from a convenient remote location? The UMA25S offers total flexibility, tremendous ease of use and allows you to realize your ideas intuitively.

What is a MIDI Controller?

Simply put, a MIDI controller gives you the power to take command of any hardware device or software that understands MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This means that MIDI-addressable effects processors (such as delays, reverbs, etc.) and audio recording and editing software can be controlled with a single piece of hardware, a MIDI controller. This can be very handy indeed when you have lots of devices spread out all over your studio or workstation space. The MIDI controller sends a control message to the device or program you’re using that turns notes on and off, adjusts the volume or changes any one of many addressable parameters.

21 Assignable Controllers and 16 User Presets

When it comes to remote control, the UMA25S offers more real-time options than anything in its class. You get 8 knobs, 8 buttons, 2 wheels (Pitch Bend & Modulation), 2 pedal ports (Expression & Sustain) and 1 fader, for an amazing 21 assignable controllers—total control of your operating environment. Once you’ve assigned the parameters for a particular scenario, simply store it in one of the 16 available preset locations.

Here's Why You Need a UMA25S:

  • For playing external sound modules, rack synthesizers and virtual instruments
  • For editing sound parameters of synthesizers, sound samplers and GM/GS/XG sound generators
  • Controlling parameters on effects devices and software plug-ins, such as effects processors, compressors and digital equalizers
  • Controlling software mixers remotely (functions for volume, pan, mute, etc.)
  • Controlling transport functions remotely (Play, Fast Forward, Stop, etc., which is also known as MMC, or MIDI Machine Control) on sequencers, hard-disk recorders, drum machines, etc.
  • Live control of volume and sound parameters of MIDI modules on stage
  • Functionality, Functionality, Functionality…

There are some things that just bear repeating. In addition to providing 25 velocity-sensitive keys for the slickest set of glissandos and snappiest arpeggios, the UMA25S also functions as a full-fledged USB audio interface for recording and podcasting. This powerful interface features a built-in mic preamp with dedicated Gain control, a Phones Output with its own dedicated Volume control, and stereo RCA I/O jacks for connecting external devices. The interface is so versatile, it even allows simultaneous recording of the Mic and Line inputs.

Speaking of Recording…

Because you’ll want to take full advantage of the UMA25S’ podcasting and recording potential, we’ve included a massive software package with Audacity, Podifier, Juice, Podnova and Golden Ear.
You’re ready to go live on your PC or Mac computer right out of the box! You also get 100+ virtual instruments and over 50 effects plug-ins, making the UMA25S a complete mobile studio from input to output.

Three Different Power Supply Options

Because you need to be ready for action in a variety of venues, the UMA25S can powered by any free USB port on your PC or Mac computer, 3 AA batteries or the optional external power supply. No matter what your performance calls for, the UMA25S is the ideal solution.


  • MIDI controllers don’t typically come with many extras. But the UMA25S is designed to do so much more than just turn things on and off, so we provide gadgets galore. In addition to the software mentioned above, you also get a:
  • High-quality headset with built-in mic for podcasting and recording
  • Soft carry bag with enough pockets for cables, power supply, CDs, etc.
  • Guitar-style strap, so you can steal the spotlight from the guitarist and start building your own bevy of fans

Compose. Record. Mix. Share.

TRACKTION 4 puts the fun back into the creative process, so we’re including it free of charge with select BEHRINGER products. This powerful, yet easy-to-use music production software is unlike anything you’ve seen before, putting everything you’ll need on your desktop, on a single-screen – without the sea of drop down and hidden menus common to most other DAWs. And TRACKTION doesn’t limit the number of tracks you can record, or the number of effects you can use. In fact, the only limitation is your Mac or PC computer’s processing power. Recording and editing couldn’t be easier; simply drag, drop, cut, copy or paste. Once your magnum opus is finished, share it with other “Tracktioneers” so they can listen, collaborate and edit.

Here are just a few of TRACKTION 4’s outstanding features:

  • Native FX plug-ins ranging from dynamics to modulation, reverb and more
  • Support for available third party AU, VST and VSTi plug-ins
  • Mix Automation
  • Safe Record
  • Loop Recording
  • 64-bit, 192 kHz Mix Engine
  • Audio Clip manipulation
  • MIDI Editor
  • Filters – Volume / Pan, Level Meter, 4-Band EQ, Aux Send & Return and FX
  • Export to a variety of formats such as .wav, .aif, and .mp3"

Additional Information / Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S

Brand Behringer
Midi type keyboard controller
Connection MIDI, USB
Interface internal, USB
Advanced Features MIDI
Keys/knobs/frets/faders 9 - 25
Accessories included software
Power Supply 9V, USB
  • Stage performer and producer keyboard featuring 25 velocity-sensitive keys
  • Built-in USB audio interface to connect your instruments and mixer to your computer for recording and playback
  • Audacity audio editor, comprehensive podcasting software and over 100 virtual instruments plus more than 50 effect plug-ins downloadable at
  • 21 assignable controllers storable in user presets: 8 knobs, 8 buttons (with transport-control option), 2 wheels, 1 fader and 2 pedal ports
  • Advanced control features such as drawbar mode (control inversion), drum triggering, incremental value step and octave +/-
  • Soft gig bag, high-quality headset and guitar strap for direct live performance on stage included
  • Plug and play with Windows XP (or higher) and Mac OS X operating systems; additional low-latency driver downloadable at
  • Separate MIDI output allows controlling external samplers, synths and other equipment
  • Runs via USB bus, batteries or power adapter (not included)
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
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