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beyerdynamic MCE 72

beyerdynamic MCE  72
beyerdynamic MCE  72 beyerdynamic MCE  72 beyerdynamic MCE  72 beyerdynamic MCE  72 beyerdynamic MCE  72 beyerdynamic MCE  72
Beyerdynamic Professional
SKU: BD 465461

Stereo electret-condenser microphone, battery powered

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The MCE 72 is a compact stereo microphone for XY recording with a wide and linear frequency response producing uncoloured, high-quality recordings. The MCE 72 is suitable for stereo recording in home studio applications, concert recordings with DAT or MD, film, video and interviewing. For musicians the MCE 72 is an excellent microphone for assessing performance in rehearsals, production and concerts. For stereo ambient sound recording, the microphone is suitable for direct connection to most camcorders, DAT and MD recorders.
The MCE 72 has two microphone capsules that are mounted in an angle of ±60° to the microphone axis to achieve a wide recording range and an accurate reproduction of the sound source.
The optional EA 19/25 elastic suspension suppresses footfall sound effectively.
Using the optional special EA 86 elastic suspension with a flash holder, the MCE 72 can be mounted onto the “hot shoe” of a camcorder directly but remains isolated from noise caused by the video head and the drive.

The MCE 72 is available in three versions:
The MCE 72 and MCE 72 CAM are powered by a standard 1.5 V battery (AA-size). An LED indicates when the battery needs to be replaced.
The MCE 72 PV CAM is phantom powered between 11 and 52 V.
By using the plug-in cable the microphone is connected to the appropriate device.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic MCE 72

Brand Beyerdynamic Professional
Microphone type condenser microphone
Connection 5-pin XLR
Microphone Characteristics cardioid
On-off switch yes
Accessories included cable(s)
  • XY stereophony
  • Two cardioid condenser capsules
  • Angular width 120° (± 60° off the microphone axis)
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Plug-in connecting cable (5-pin XLR)
  • Battery powered (1.5 V battery)
  • Battery indicator LED
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