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Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)
SKU: BD 718300

High-tech for your ears. Extremely clear, three-dimensional and powerful sound. More and more professional gamers are raving about the MMX 300 Premium Gaming Headset.

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Dimensional sound

It's all in the details. The recording studio-quality driver system ensures clear and powerful sound reproduction at decisive points in the game.

It's all in the details. And if you can hear them, you'll be the champion. Take the right action at the right time. Hear absolutely everything, even the faintest of sounds. Be prepared and always one step ahead. Hearing more than everyone else will put you ahead of the game! The MMX 300's impressive audio quality is the product of over 90 years of audio experience. The headset confidently combines technology from the private aviation industry and professional recording studios to deliver a crystal-clear sound with impressive three-dimensionality and powerful bass response.


Professional voice transmission

Give the right commands at the right time. The high-quality condenser gooseneck microphone helps to ensure that your team can understand you loud and clear.
Communicate perfectly. Successful gaming is all about teamwork. You can only succeed if you have the right tactics, executive everything with precision timing and can properly understand each other so that you can come up with the perfect plan. An extremely high-quality condenser microphone ensures that your voice is always transmitted loud and clear. The cardioid polar pattern and pop shield successfully suppress disturbing background and ambient noise, ideal for noisy environments and tournament situations.


Maximum control

You have everything at your fingertips: the cable remote control allows you to have complete control whether on a PC or console.
With the integrated cable remote control, you have everything under control, even in hectic tournament situations. All important features for example for muting the microphone, adjusting the volume, accepting a call and managing different media as well as the temporary mute button are always within reach. The control is in your hands.

Thanks to the adapter cable included as standard, the MMX 300 headset can be used on a PC or for gaming sessions on a notebook or console, which have a 3.5 mm combi-jack.


Ultimate in gaming comfort - made in Germany

Super robust yet extremely comfortable: extremely high-quality materials and solid workmanship (made in Germany) ensure that the headset will fit comfortably for years and years to come.


Designed to be used for many, many years, the MMX 300 is a solid long-term investment. The designs created by our engineers at beyerdynamic are carefully handcrafted by highly skilled experts in Germany. This degree of manual workmanship results in a unique level of quality and ensures that the headset will fit comfortably for years and years to come.

Additional Information / Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)

Brand Beyerdynamic
Headphone type gaming



Transducer type: dynamic
Operating principle: closed
Frequency response: 5 - 35.000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 32 Ω pro System
Nominal SPL: 96 dB
Power handling capacity: 100 mW


Transducer principle: Condenser (back electret)
Working principle: Pressure gradient receivers
Directional characteristics: kidney
Type of power supply: Tone feeding
Supply voltage: 1.5 - 9V
Power consumption: <0.5 mA
Nominal impedance: About 1.5 kΩ
Field transfer factor At f = 1 kHz: 20 mV / Pa
Transmission range: 30 - 18,000 Hz
Distortion factor: 0.2% at f = 1 kHz
Max. Limit sound pressure level: 120 dB
Microphone output: Unsymmetrical




Length and type of the cable:

  • 1.2 m cable with cable remote control
  • 1.2 m Y extension cable For PC connection


  • Gold plated stereo plug 3.5 mm & Adapter 6.35 mm
  • Extension cable with 2 separate 3.5 mm jack plugs (Line & Mic)


Length of microphone boom: About 150 mm
Head diameter: 13 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm stereo plug



  • Pluggable cable with cable remote control
  • Extension cable for PC
  • Carrying case
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