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beyerdynamic S 910 C 502-538 MHz

beyerdynamic S 910 C 502-538 MHz
beyerdynamic S 910 C 502-538 MHz beyerdynamic S 910 C 502-538 MHz
Beyerdynamic Professional
SKU: BD 705462

UHF handheld transmitter for Opus 910 wireless systems.

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Designed for use either on tour or in fixed installations, the Opus 910 professional UHF wireless system from beyerdynamic offers the highest levels of reliability, audio and transmission quality.

There are two ergonomically designed handheld transmitters available for use with the Opus 910 wireless system each with different frequency ranges and featuring a 36 MHz UHF bandwidth. In order to maximise the flexibility of the Opus 910 system, both transmitters can be combined with five top quality interchangeable beyerdynamic microphone heads. The system’s four microphone gain settings provide a high degree of flexibility in even the most diverse applications.

The S 910 C (with plastic housing) is equipped with an ACT interface to detect the carrier frequency from the receiver and set up the transmitter automatically. All transmitters also have a noiseless on/off switch and LCD Liquid crystal display. Relevant information is shown using this display. For example, this can be the group/channel and battery level on the transmitter; on the receiver, this can be the group/channel, level of the radio or audio signal, battery level of the transmitter, etc., depending on the system.showing channel/group and remaining battery capacity. The S 910 C has integrated charging contacts and is delivered with built-in rechargeable batteries (2 x Mignon AA NiMH) which provide an operating time of over 23 hours.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic S 910 C 502-538 MHz

Brand Beyerdynamic Professional
Microphone type wireless microphone system
Connection wireless
Advanced Features on/off button
Wireless channels 1
Accessories included antenna
  •  Rugged plastic housing, ergonomically designed
  •  Without interchangeable microphone capsule - different capsules available
  •  ACT infrared interface for automatic frequency setting
  •  Clear LC-display, indicating group/channel and battery status (5-stage)
  •  Gain control for input level adjustment (0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB)
  •  Silent On/Off switch
  •  Operating time > 23 h with 2 x Mignon AA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included)
  •  Incl. transport bag
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