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3 pole male receptacle, crimp termination (Standard B-Crimp), black metal housing, silver contacts, It is the ideal match for mating with Neutrik's EMC XLR cable connector.

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A version of the D-LX series with crimp contacts instead of the usual solder types. The crimp termination is with the standard 'B-crimp'. The contacts are fitted onto the cable, and then inserted into the connector housing. They can be removed if necessary by rotating them through 90 degrees. Spare crimp contacts are available in packs of 50.

Additional Information / Neutrik NC3MD-LX-HA-BAG

Brand Neutrik
Connector type XLR
  • All metal housing offers best overall RF protection and electromagnetic shielding
  • Crimp termination with standard B-crimp tool (B-crimp acc. IEC 60352-2)
  • Gastight and Solderless connection (RoHS compliant)
  • New duplex ground contact for excellent contact integrity between chassis and cable connector
  • Male connector's retention bar replaces plastic design with all metal version improving pull-out force
  • Optional connection to easily join pin1 to chassis ground
  • D-style housing provides installation compatibility with industry standard D mounting dimensions
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