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Neutrik NC4MDM3-H

Neutrik NC4MDM3-H

4 pole male receptacle, horizontal PCB mount, Nickel housing, silver contacts, M3 mounting holes

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Universal metal-bodied housing series, for PCB mount applications. Designed for use where connector is mounted such that connector enters horizontally and PCB is horizontal, ie angled pins. Panel cutout 24mm, connector can be mounted front or rear of panel. The insert on 3 pin types is removable from rear of connector, and is locked into one place once inserted - thus permitting assembly and testing of PCB before assembly into housing. The lock is a 30° turn internal latch operated by a small tip screwdriver. Note that connectors are usually supplied with the locks unfastened for manufacturing user convenience. Most versions are available in 3 pin configuration only, certain models also available in 4 or 5 pin, as indicated in price lines below. Metal body offers RF protection. Standard connectors have countersunk clearance mounting holes to accept M3 bolts. The special 'M3' version of the connector has an M3 tapped thread, for speed of mounting. This obviously means that they can only be used rear-of-panel mounted.

Additional Information / Neutrik NC4MDM3-H

Brand Neutrik
Connector type XLR
  • Robust "D" metal shell
  • Standardized D sized 24 mm panel cutout
  • PCB mount termination
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