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Major update to KUVO™ for Android™


...the community platform for dance music available via Google Play™
New features help clubbers engage with DJs, find new music and discover local events.


Discover: find new music and DJ mixes

Local mode

Find mixes posted by DJs playing in your local area. Or select another city to discover DJs, parties, events and new clubs. Even in unfamiliar places, such as your next holiday destination, you can find venues that play the music you love.

Global mode

Listen to mixes from DJs around the world. Recently posted mixes with high ratings are recommended to you by KUVO.

My Feed mode

See more personalised information, such as mixes posted by DJs you follow. You can also see when clubbers you follow mark a mix as a favorite and listen to it yourself.

When you’re listening to a mix on KUVO, you can see the playlist if it’s been shared by the DJ*1, plus information about that DJ’s upcoming gigs. This means you can use KUVO to not only find new music, but also to discover the clubs and parties that match your musical tastes.

Convo: enhanced clubbing experiences with photo and comment sharing

You can now post photos2 and comments3 using Convo – a chat feature on the event info page for each club event listed on KUVO. This enables DJs to review requests for tracks and enquiries about future events and it also gives clubbers the chance to share their experiences on the dance floor with others.

Event Map: easy club event hunting

To help you quickly and easily find events you want to go to, the Calendar function has been merged with the Event Map (formerly known as Club Map). Now, you can see at a glance which genres of club events are being held in an area on a date you choose.

Event Map makes it simpler for you to plan your night out or decide which events you want to go to at the weekend. Easily find the parties that not only suit your schedule, but also feature performances by DJs you follow on KUVO. Use search options to easily find events you’re interested in.


Compatible OS: Android Lollipop 5.0 or later
Compatible Device: Smartphone


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