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Interview with Antonio Meze and Mircea Fanatan


Listen to Antonio Meze (Lead Designer and Founder of Meze Audio) and Mircea Fanatan (Managing Director) talking about the beginnings of Meze Audio, inspiration, products and music, in an interview for Jazziz Magazine.

Once upon a time...

There was an industrial designer who traveled the world from East to West and North to South, accompanied by his Fender Stratocaster guitar.
Music and beautiful organic design played an important role in his life.
So he searched and searched for a pair of headphones he could relate to in the same way he did to his guitar.
Unable to find any pair to spark the same visual emotion, he started tinkering with headphone parts already on the market. 

And that's how the first Meze headphones were born. 

The rest is history...
otherwise casually discussed with our friends from JAZZIZ Magazine in the interview below

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