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Neutrik NZP1RU-8

Neutrik NZP1RU-8
Neutrik NZP1RU-8 Neutrik NZP1RU-8

The angled 19" panel for racks in demanding environments protects the installed receptacles well against the ingress of dirt and water. The panel is 30° forward-turned and offers 8 D-shape cutouts with M3 threaded fastening holes.

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A range of 19 inch rack termination panels to accommodate opticalCON, or combinations of opticalCON, SC, ST, E2000 and LC fibre connectors. All feature angled front panels to relieve strain on connected fibre cables.


These 1U and 3U modular angled panels accommodate opticalCON ADVANCED DUO and QUAD panel sockets and enable combination with E2000 compact, ST and SC couplers. The 19 inch frame, connector mounting plates and blanking plates for unused positions, are supplied separately. The 1U panel will accommodate up to two connector plates (excluding NZPFD-2 dual 'D' cutout) angled horizontally; the 3U version allows up to nine connector plates to be fitted angled downwards (or upwards). Plates have a designation strip with snap-on cover (except NZPFD-2) and the coloured gaskets supplied with opticalCON chassis connectors may be fitted behind the connector flanges for channel or mode identification. Any other Neutrik 'D' series connector or Canford 'Universal' series connector may also be fitted. Panels and plates are black painted steel.

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Brand Neutrik
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