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Pioneer AVIC-X3-2

Pioneer AVIC-X3-2
Pioneer AVIC-X3-2 Pioneer AVIC-X3-2 Pioneer AVIC-X3-2 Pioneer AVIC-X3-2

You'll get precision route planning and guidance; the AVIC-X3-II is a multi-sensor navigator. It combines GPS signals, with information from a 3-D gyroscope and your cars speedpulse information.

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Pinpoint-accurate navigation, full-scale entertainment.


This means that the system always knows where you are. Even in tunnels or in high-rise cities, where there’s a limited GPS signal. The system is quick on start-up, too; there’s almost no waiting time before it begins guiding you to your destination.

The X3 knows what’s around too. It has over 1.8 million points of interest so you just need to touch the display to locate the nearest hotel, restaurant or filling station.

The X3 will warn you about any traffic jams ahead (it has a built-in Traffic Messaging Channel Receiver), and give you alternative route suggestions to make your journey easier and safer.

The X3 will play your entire CD and DVD collection; including compressed tunes (MP3, WMA, AAC) or video (DivX) stored on CD-R or DVD-R. So you and your passengers will never be short of entertainment. You also have full control of the DVD playback by simply touching the screen.

The X3 is dual-zone, which means that your passengers can watch a movie or play a video game on optional rear-seat screens at the same time that you are using the navigation system and listening to the radio up-front.

You can easily hook up your iPod too (audio and video versions), using an optional cable. Check below under "iPod Compatibility" to see if your generation of iPod is compatible.

You can also go wireless, using an optional Bluetooth adapter. Make and receive calls without the headsets or wires, as well as stream music from compatible players and mobile phones.

And finally, the X3 fits seamlessly into your car; it’s the size of a standard car stereo slot. You can even customise the button and on-screen menu colours, to tailor the system look to your taste.

Additional Information / Pioneer AVIC-X3-2

Brand Pioneer

DVD GPS, Entertainment & Communication System (2008 Model).

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