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Pioneer DJ DAS-DGC020R

Pioneer DJ DAS-DGC020R
Pioneer DJ

Reference Grade RCA Digital (Coaxial) Cable

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High durability reference grade cables for the booth or studio

The cables’ innovative construction eliminates interference and enables the fast low-frequency response needed by dance music DJs and producers. The rugged build and tight connections makes these cables durable enough to handle the demands of the busy DJ booth.

The Braided Shield suppresses interference from nearby electrical equipment, while the cable net decreases noise caused by adjacent cables. The result is a high sound-noise ratio and clear, high response playback from low-range to mid and high-range frequencies.
The use of neoprene rubber for the outer sheath further helps to suppress noise caused by static electricity and nearby equipment.

The DAS range is designed with the rigours of professional use in mind. A highly pliable cable construction reduces stress of the connections and adds flexibility for the user, while the cable net protects against damage to the outer insulator. All plugs are nickel plated for high rigidity and damage-resistance.
The cables use Collet chuck (screw type) plugs for tight and secure connection; limiting vibration, reducing loss of signal and reducing the chances of cable disconnection.

Additional Information / Pioneer DJ DAS-DGC020R

Brand Pioneer DJ
  • Code: 6N-Cu (99.9999%), 1-Core shielded, outer diameter: 5.1 mm 

  • Conductor: Annealed copper wire with tin 1/0.60 mm (Shield24/6/0.1 mm)

  • Plug: RCA pin plug, outer: brass + black nickel plate, inner: brass + gold plate, φ13.5 mm x 51 mm 

  • Terminal: brass + gold plate 

  • Length/bundled number: 2 m, 1 

  • Characteristic impedance: 75 Ω 

  • Country of origin: Japan

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