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Pioneer DJ DJM-450
Pioneer DJ DJM-S3
Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS-M
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DJ Gear

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX-N
Pioneer DJ S-DJ50X-W
Pioneer DJ DJC-SC2
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Pioneer PROFESSIONAL AUDIO XY-81 Loudspeaker
Pioneer DJ DM-40
Pioneer DJ DM-40-W
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Pro Headphones

Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1
Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7-W
Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT-R metallic red
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Pro audio accessory

Pioneer DJ Accessory Pack for HDJ-CUE1 orange
Pioneer DJ Accessory Pack for HDJ-CUE1 pink
Pioneer DJ Accessory Pack for HDJ-CUE1 green
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To innovate, inspire and entertain

Through our continuous creative innovation we aim to excite, inspire, and entertain, investing in the passions of the music entertainment community. Over the past two decades, DJs have shifted from using vinyl to CDs, and from CDs to music files such as MP3. Now the use of cloud storage and the growing popularity of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), sees industry arrive at its fourth wave. The birth of Pioneer DJ in such an era of change represents an unparalleled opportunity.


Pioneer entered the DJ industry in 1994, with the launch of the world’s first flat-top DJ player, the CDJ-500. Since then, we have devoted ourselves to developing products that deliver world-firsts together with enjoyment beyond our customers’ expectations. After 20 years in the business, we are entering an exciting new phase, re-launching as Pioneer DJ Corporation, with backing from the world-leading KKR investment fund.


We draw on our experience in the DJ and club market to develop and design professional sound systems. Since 2013, our GS-WAVE Series floor stacks and XY Series PA/monitor speakers have been installed in large clubs, small to medium sized venues, and restaurants and bars around the world. We are committed to cutting edge product development to deliver powerful, immersive sound to listeners.


For more than 20 years, our motto has been to 'surprise and inspire' our customers. We've had fantastic support from clubs and DJs from around the world. We are determined to continue innovating through our product development and design, and to build on our reputation as the industry standard brand.

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