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Pioneer DJ RMX-500

Pioneer DJ RMX-500
Pioneer DJ RMX-500 Pioneer DJ RMX-500
Pioneer DJ
SKU: RMX-500

Compact design, big effects.

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Compact design, big effects.



The RMX-500 is the most intuitive lightweight multi-effects unit that combines all the best features of the club-standard RMX-1000. This concise remix-station with a simplified layout includes on-board customisation and easy access to all your desired effects and more.


Become a master of manipulation

Thanks to the new Rhythm FX section you have access to five Audio FX, an Overdub sequencer and five versatile drum samples. FX depth and other layers of manipulation are easily controlled by rotating or pressing the large Pressure Controller knobs. The Signal Flow button adds Scene FX to the Rhythm FX.


Make it your own

Forget about software because the new customise button enables on-the-fly customisation directly on your hardware. Select and save all your favourite variations from Scene FX to drum samples, and set the lengths of back spins, brakes, echo and Overdub.


Scene FX

Build up and break down tracks by combining ten types of auto-quantized Scene FX. Each effect has two possible variations – four for Noise – that can be accessed by simply hitting the Customise button.


Take it to the next level

For live performances RCA inputs allow an easy connection to all your CDJs. In the studio you become a real producer when you plug the unit into a computer to use it as a controller for RMX-500 VST/AU/RTAS virtual plug-ins.

Additional Information / Pioneer DJ RMX-500

Brand Pioneer DJ
DJ type DJ effect box
  •  Arrange music with diverse effects and intuitive control thanks to the “PRESSURE Controller”

 Rhythm FX
 Scene FX
 Release FX

  •  VST/AU/RTAS plug-in function for music production with same effects and feeling of control as when DJing
  •  Equipped with a soundcard that enables to connect a headphone or speakers directly.
  •  QUANTIZE: analyzes music in real-time and synchronizes effects with the beat positions of the music
  •  Auto BPM: automatically measures and follows the music’s tempo
  •  MIDI support: can be used as a MIDI controller
  •  Compact and sleek design: highly portable for DJs on the move
  •  X-Stand: can be mounted on the portable Pioneer T-U101 stand (sold separately)
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