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Pioneer S-4EX-W

Pioneer S-4EX-W
Pioneer S-4EX-W Pioneer S-4EX-W Pioneer S-4EX-W Pioneer S-4EX-W

EX Reference Series 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Teak, 2008 Model).

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Cutting-edge sound in a compact size.


The S-4EX bookshelf speaker offers an amazingly wide frequency rangefrom 34Hz to 100kHz, and an incredibly dynamic restitution. Every note, every chord is vividly portrayed, drawing you closer into the performance; in pure 2-channel audio or in a multi-channel configuration.

The EX Series is the result of a concerted global effort involving top Pioneer and TAD specialists working in Japan, France and the US. The Engineering Division in Tokyo Speaker Design Centre in Paris and the Pioneer R&D facility in Los Angeles have pooled their expertise to produce a truly outstanding series of reference speakers.

The S-3EX, S-4EX and S-8EX speakers all feature an exclusiveconcentric driver with Ceramic Graphite tweeter and Magnesium medium, as well as dedicated aramid cone woofers. The cabinets, crafted from multiple layers of laminated MDF up to a generous 100 mm thick, guarantee absolute acoustic neutrality. They feature a baffle with a curved surface, the “Precision Curve”, which aligns the individual speaker cones in exactly the right positions to ensure that all sounds arrive at your ears at the same time.

Our EX speakers have been monitored, tested and optimised by AIR STUDIOS in London. Since 1969, when Beatles producer George Martin founded this temple of sound, AIR STUDIOS has become a recognised authority when it comes to fine-tuning high-end audio components. Their verdict about the EX series? A speaker range that can reproduce the sound of a professional studio, right in your living room.

Additional Information / Pioneer S-4EX-W

Brand Pioneer
Loudspeaker type bookshelf speaker
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