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Pioneer S-LX70C

Pioneer S-LX70C

KURO High Fidelity Centre Speaker.

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The ideal audio (and visual) complement to your KURO screen.


The S-LX70 centre speaker shares the aesthetic of our KURO flat screen TV's; and when combined, the result is a distinct entertainment system in your living room.

You have several options of speaker configurations depending on your needs.

There are two possibilities; mount the speaker directly on your wall or use optional (and height-adjustable) table-top stand.

The product family is versatile: you also have the option to extend the audio setup to:

  •  a 2.1 sound (with a pair of S-LX70-LR speakers and a S-LX70W subwoofer)
  •  a 3.1 sound (with a pair of S-LX70-LR speakers and a S-LX70W subwoofer) or even
  •  a 5.1 channel setup (with two pairs of S-LX70-LR speakers and a S-LX70W subwoofer).

Whichever configuration you choose, you are guaranteed high fidelity sound. The front and centre speakers have a titanium tweeter, ensuring a wide range in audio reproduction.

The tweeter also has a wave-guide which delivers a precise location of centre channel sound.

The shaped design of the speaker also ensures a clear sound and ensure that no standing waves (unwanted resonance) are produced.

Ultimately, our S-LX70 speakers will ensure that what you hear matches the quality of what you see on your KURO screen.

Additional Information / Pioneer S-LX70C

Brand Pioneer
Loudspeaker type center speaker
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