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Pioneer S-RS88TB

Pioneer S-RS88TB

Powerful Music Component System.
S-RS88TB 5.0

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The S-RS88TB was specifically created with the characteristics of sound in mind - fabricated to accommodate the tastes of club and dance music enthusiasts by giving a substantial bass and exciting treble.


It has a clear heavy bass sound Tallboy front speaker with ABD (Acoustic Balance Drive)1 Technology that reproduces clear low frequency sound by deleting standing wave which causes boomy low to mid frequency sound. Club and dance music lovers can now enjoy clear, heavy bass audio at home and turn their living room into a club.


The system delivers sensational audio quality that amplifies the atmosphere and raises the bar for living room audio to an impressive level.


And there’s more: the system features a unique design in sleek, all-black styling that is flexible when it comes to expanding its configuration.


Partnering Pioneer’s selected AV Receivers and Blu-ray Players, the system sets out to achieve playability of various media files through an array of connectivity options.

Additional Information / Pioneer S-RS88TB

Brand Pioneer
Loudspeaker type speaker set
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