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Pioneer S-W250S

Pioneer S-W250S
Pioneer S-W250S Pioneer S-W250S
SKU: S-W250S

High-End 250W Active Subwoofer.

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Solid construction, powerful dynamics.


Ideally matched with our EX Series speakers, the S-W250S subwoofer integrates the basics of this high-end series: power, dynamics and solid construction to enhance the accuracy of the sound restitution.

To avoid internal interference, all electronic components of the S-W250S are completely separated from the acoustic cabinet; any vibrations and electromagnetic perturbations coming from the driver are dramatically reduced.

This subwoofer features one active 30 cm woofer combined with a 30 cm passive radiator, allowing an extremely deep low frequency reproduction with enough spare power to face to the most demanding soundtracks at the highest sound level.

Aside from featuring a 0°/180° phase switch, the S-W250S’s panel setting allows you to select the crossover frequency of the internal filter (or to bypass it). It also has a dedicated “Cinema mode” switch that will enhance any movie soundtrack to give you a unique cinematic experience.

Versatile input connections allow line level signals or direct speaker level signals. A line output connector makes it easy to link with another subwoofer, which is recommended for particularly large rooms.

Weighing 34.5kg, the S-W250S benefits from an exceptionally rigid enclosure that truly acts like an obstruction to the acoustic field generated within the subwoofer.

Additional Information / Pioneer S-W250S

Brand Pioneer
Loudspeaker type bass module
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