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Pioneer SPX-HUD01

Pioneer SPX-HUD01
Pioneer SPX-HUD01 Pioneer SPX-HUD01

It attaches to your sun visor and projects traffic, navigation and other info in full colour through the windscreen, just above the horizon.

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Get your focus up


The augmented reality NavGate head-up display allows you to keep your eyes where they should be while driving: on the road.

The NavGate HUD creates what looks like a 30 -inch display that presents location information as a natural part of the landscape for more intuitive driving. The unit works with two smartphone apps, iGO primo and CoPilot, which feed the HUD with live navigation instructions. There's a remote control included for easy manipulation.


CoPilot app supported

The NavGate HUD is compatible with the CoPilot smartphone app. CoPilot provides voice-guided navigation, advanced turn-by-turn guidance, comprehensive trip planning and automotive-grade street maps stored on-board the device for offline use.


iGO primo app supported

The NavGate HUD supports the iGO primo app for iPhone. iGO Primo offers voice-guided 3D turn-by-turn navigation, local search, POIs, green routing and realistic junction views.


Phone call proof

Don't lose navigation functionality during a phone call; the NavGate HUD provides clear navigation directions at all times.


No need to refocus

Using a DLP projector for high contrast and deep colour saturation, the NavGate HUD projects navigation instructions on what looks like a 30-inch display, sitting about 3 metres in front of you, reducing re-focus times to almost nothing.


Clear and simple driving instructions

All information shown on the NavGate HUD has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety. With clear and simple instructions, it becomes evident where to go on motorway junctions.


Ultra readable

To provide better vision and reduce power consumption, the NavGate HUD features light sensors which automatically adjust the brightness of the projections according to the amount of light.


  • Dimensions
    • Unit: 205 x 190 x 120 mm
    • Combiner: 205 x 52,5 x 5 mm
  • Works with iPhone
    • Yes
  • Compatible Generations
    • iPhone 4,
    • iPhone 4s,
    • iPhone 5,
    • iPhone 5s,
    • iPhone 5c
  • Works with Android
    • Yes (Android 4.0 or later)
  • SD Card Input
    • Yes, Micro-SD compatible (for product updates for service purposes)
  • Map Type
    • iGO Primo
    • CoPilot maps
  • Points of Interest (POI)
    • Yes via iGO Primo app and CoPilot app

Additional Information / Pioneer SPX-HUD01

Brand Pioneer
  • Screen Size:
  • 29" LED projected image via DLP
  • Resolution: 540 x 120 mm
  • Other
    •  Power Connector (for powering the HUD device), with USB port for communication with smartphone
    •  Diffuser, which creates a floating image that will appear 2.5m behind the Combiner
    •  Full Colour DLP Porjector with LED light source
    •  Polycarbonate Combiner, a semi-transparant mirror that combines the HUD images with the view trhrough the windscreen
  • Supported functions
    • Voice Guidance via smartphone speaker, or from the car's speakers when connected via Bluetooth.
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