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Pioneer TS-WH500A

Pioneer TS-WH500A

Powerful active subwoofer system with Horizontal-Vertical Technology (150W).

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Authentic bass in an ultra-compact sub.



The TS-WH500A is an extremely thin, yet powerful subwoofer system for your car. Its built-in MOSFET amplifier boosts no less than150 Watts through the aluminium cone woofer. And thanks to the unique Horizontal Vertical Transforming technology, which produces vertical vibrations through a horizontal driving force, this sub produces authentic, clear and wide-range bass sound for any kind of music.


HVT technology

Horizontal Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology is a ground-breaking approach in loudspeaker design. Its unique linkage mechanism changes the way a speaker works, bringing significant advantages in comparison to conventional speaker designs - both size and sound wise.


Reduced noise

This sub is equipped with double diaphragms and motors that make sure the movement of the diaphragm and the voice coil is in perfect symmetry, cancelling unwanted vibration. This way, vibration is not transmitted to the vehicle body, resulting in a clear bass sound.


Flexible installation

The TS-WH500A's shallow build allows this subwoofer to be installed in many places, like the booth or underneath the passenger seat, without compromising the sound output. On top of that, it fits in a wide array of cars.

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Brand Pioneer
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