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Pioneer X-CM32BT-L

Pioneer X-CM32BT-L
Pioneer X-CM32BT-L Pioneer X-CM32BT-L Pioneer X-CM32BT-L Pioneer X-CM32BT-L Pioneer X-CM32BT-L

CD Receiver System

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Great style meets powerful sound.



Do you like to listen to your music in style? If so, this compact hi-fi system is the one for you. It suits all home interiors and plays almost anything you like from CDs to MP3s, as well as your favourite radio stations. The X-CM32BT connects to your iPod, iPhone and iPad easily – via USB – for more music playback and charging the battery. Or, you can stream your tracks via Bluetooth.


The unit also offers advanced, easy-to-use Bluetooth options, such as BT Auto Connect and BT Standby mode. BT Auto Connect will remember every Bluetooth device that gets connected, making it easy to reconnect again later. When the BT Standby mode is enabled, the X-CM32BT can be powered up from a Bluetooth device, making it easy to start the music without even touching the system.

Bluetooth streaming becomes even more exciting with the Pioneer Wireless Streaming App (iOS/Android). The Advanced Sound Retriever optimises the quality of your MP3s, while you customise your favourite tracks with the 8-band EQ, Tempo Control, and Club Sound Boost.

The X-CM32BT supports the Pioneer Wireless Streaming App for iOS 7.0 or later. Get it now:


The X-CM32BT is available in a variety of colours: Black(X-CM32BT-K), White(X-CM32BT-W), Red(X-CM32BT-R), Orange(X-CM32BT-D), Light Blue(X-CM32BT-L), Lemon Yellow(X-CM32BT-Y) and Lime Green(X-CM32BT-N).

Additional Information / Pioneer X-CM32BT-L

Brand Pioneer
  •  iPod/iPhone/iPad Playback
  •  FM/AM Tuner
  •  Bluetooth
  •  USB
  •  2 x 15 W
  •  Light Blue
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