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Neutrik PP1

Neutrik PP1

Male PCB contacts, gold plated, for chassis connectors

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The modular system of the miniCON series offers the possibility to assemble a desired connector from a wide range of various parts. Including additional parts for special versions (e.g. cable connector extension, crimp set, ...).

The neutriCON connectors are designed for multipin/industrial applications in harsh and demanding environment. The very robust all metal circular connector offers easy and screwless assembly, flexible part combination and a push-pull locking mechanism

This is a complete plug connection system, allowing simplified production of cable and chassis connectors with up to 8 contacts, using only 8 components. The system consists of 3 types of metal housings, 2 contact carriers (which fit in all of the 3 housings), and a cable strain relief to the established Neutrik design. The housings are high tolerance zinc-aluminium die castings, Cu-plated, Ni-plated and black hard-matt Cr-plated. The design protects the contacts from misalignment damage during operational use. The vibration-proof locking mechanism automatically locks on insertion, and can be easily parted by simply pulling on the outer housing of the cable plug. Standard shells (SC8, RP8, MC8) have a small keyway at 0° and a large keyway at 180°. An alternative arrangement is available on three shells (SC81, MC81, RP81) with a small keyway at 0° and a large keyway at 90°.

The contact arrangement is a conventional 8 pin/socket contact system. Moulded male inserts accept solder, crimp (to MIL C 22520 F) or PCB mount pin contacts, and female inserts accept similar style socket contacts. Female and male inserts can be fitted interchangeably in any of the metal housings.

The cable strain-relief clamp is to the standard Neutrik design, well established on the X series XLR connectors, whereby the clamp also serves to retain the plug insert. The cable screen can be connected coaxially with the housing by way of a separate contact component.

The SC8W is a special version of the cable housing which, when used with the SR8W gland, provides a connector that, when mated, is dust and waterproof to IP54.

Additional Information / Neutrik PP1

Brand Neutrik
Connector type No
  • Contact configuration can be selected from 1 to 8 contacts
  • Easy assembly: Contact soldering / crimping in disassembled condition avoids awkward wiring of high density contacts.
  • Precise and robust all metal housing
  • Push-pull self-locking system
  • Coding system possible (polarization)
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