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beyerdynamic TG V90w

beyerdynamic TG V90w
Beyerdynamic Professional
SKU: BD 711462

Interchangeable microphone capsule for TG 1000 handheld transmitters (Ribbon, cardioid)

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As microphone head with ribbon system that knows how to impress even with live vocals on loud stages, the TG V90w is an absolute highlight. It combines the incomparable silky-clear and never intrusive sound of a ribbon microphone with the gain before feedback and robustness that is required for demanding tour applications. The cardiod TG V90w provides a clear natural sound due to the ultralight only 2 microns thin pure aluminium ribbon that ensures an exceptional signal fidelity and remarkable transient response.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic TG V90w

Brand Beyerdynamic Professional
Microphone type wireless microphone system
Connection wireless
Microphone Characteristics cardioid
On-off switch no
Accessories included bag
  •  Dynamic ribbon microphone head
  •  Cardioid polar pattern
  •  Clear, natural sound
  •  High gain before feedback
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