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Signal processor

Klark Teknik DN1248PLS-FM
Klark Teknik DI 10A
Klark Teknik DI 10P
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Klark Teknik DW 20T Stereo Transmitter
Klark Teknik DW 20R Stereo Receiver
Klark Teknik DW 20BR Stereo Receiver
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Pro audio accessory

Klark Teknik DN9620
Klark Teknik DN32-USB
Klark Teknik DN32-ADAT
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On with the show

Klark Teknik is a company that designs and develops professional signal processing and audio equipment. Located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK, the company was founded in 1974. From their early analogue roots, Klark Teknik has become a leader in the design and manufacture of touring-grade digital signal processing recording products. Today Klark Teknik is part of the most dynamically developing Pro Audio group of companies: Music Tribe.

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