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Home cinema

Pioneer FS-W40-B
Pioneer S-X360
Pioneer S-DV370T
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Hifi stereo

Pioneer PL-30-K
Pioneer SX-20DAB-S
Pioneer PL-990 stereo turntable
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Headphone for home

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)
BOSE QuietComfort QC25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones for selected Samsung and Android devices, white
Pioneer SE-MONITOR5 over-ear audiophile headphones
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Bluetooth - Wireless speaker

BOSE SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier, black
Pioneer FS-SW40-W
BOSE Home Speaker 500, silver
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Network audio - Streaming

Pioneer SX-N30-K
BOSE SoundTouch 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack, black
Pioneer N-P01-K
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Blu-Ray / DVD / CD players

Pioneer BDP-100-K
Pioneer BDP-LX53
Pioneer BDP-180-S
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BOSE Solo 5 TV sound system, black
BOSE Soundbar 500
BOSE Soundbar 700, white
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IPhone docking station

Pioneer X-SMC01BT-W
BOSE SoundDock Portable digital music system
Edifier IF600 Breathe
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Multimedia / PC speaker

BOSE Companion 20 multimedia loudspeaker, silver
Edifier E3350 Prisma
Edifier M1380
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BOSE Acoustimass 5 V stereo speaker system, white
Pioneer CS-5070/S
BOSE Acoustimass 5 V stereo speaker system, black
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Compact - Micro system

Pioneer P1DAB-S
Pioneer X-HM22-S
Pioneer X-HM81-S
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BOSE SoundTouch 10 Wi-Fi speaker, white
Pioneer XW-PSS01-L
Pioneer XW-PSS02-S
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Home accessory

BOSE OmniJewel floorstands, white
BOSE OmniJewel floorstands, black
BOSE UB-20 II wall mount adapter, black
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Home Control

devolo D 9808 Home Control Wall Switch
devolo D 9812 Home Control Motion Sensor
devolo D 9811 Home Control Radiator Thermostat
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Relaxing Earbuds

BOSE Noise-Masking Sleepbuds
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Home audio

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