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Company History

BaSys is a leading premium audio and electronics distributor specialist with head office in Switzerland and distribution companies in several Central European countries. Ever since, we have been focused on Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, where we have an excellent reputation and a great number of loyal dealers and customers. Since the founding of BaSys in 1990 we have been representing world-class brands in these countries such as Pioneer, Bose and a handfull other top brands.

BaSys is not a place, where you can get anything. On the contrary: BaSys offers products of a few selected brands, but carries the whole product range of these brands, not just a few items of each. So if you are looking for any actual product among our brands, you can be almost certain, we’ll have it.


BaSys Vision

Sándor Bartha, founder and president of BaSys Group:
„By founding BaSys it was our goal to create a company able to meet the challenges of the fast integration processes in our age and be part of them such as:

  • the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and the integration of East and West, which has followed it
  • the All-European integration process
  • the shift from analogue to digital technology
  • the convergence of Audio, Video and Computer technology
  • the increasing trend of mobility
  • the transition from regional to international distribution 
  • the transition from "bricks and mortar" retail to e-trade and the future coexistence of these two retail concepts

To keep pace with or to be even ahead of these trends the organization and the people in the organization need to be ready for continuous change and renewal.”


BaSys – Your Sound Source

Everything we do is related to good sound or takes advantage of good sound. For audio and professional audio products we believe top sound is self-evident. But even if we offer visual products, we always take special care about perfect sound. This is the extra mile we go to get ultimate customer satisfaction. In addition our products are supplied directly from the manufacturers and enjoy our original distributor BaSys warranty and service. With BaSys you are in good hands. That is why BaSys is your Sound Source!


Fields of Activity

We are active in three major fields, where we represent the following brands as exclusive distributor:

Professional Audio:
Pioneer DJ, Behringer, Bose, Bugera, Beyerdynamic, Midas, KlarkTeknik, Turbosound, TC electronic, TC Helicon, Tannoy, LabGruppen, Lake

Consumer Audio and Visual:
Bose, Pioneer, Loewe, Marantz, Beyerdynamic, Energy Sistem, Mese Audio, Monster, Edifier

Neutrik, Cordial, Pioneer, Behringer, Bose, Monster, Beyerdynamic, ION, devolo


BaSys „Basics”

In order to pursue our long-term strategic goals we strictly follow our basic principles:

  1. We are focused on our customers’ needs and strive for high customer satisfaction by distributing high quality products of world class brands, which are market leaders in their respective areas.
  2. We enjoy the great technology offered in our products.
  3. We are committed to quality, reliability and keeping our promises.
  4. Frugality is our virtue: We avoid waste wherever possible.
  5. We use all our assets effectively. We optimize our costs by using synergies of international distribution.
  6. We cultivate teamwork and share our international knowledge to achieve better performance.
  7. We run our businesses profitably. Only a profitable company can be a sound partner for its customers, suppliers and employees.
  8. We are a responsible part of our social and ecological environment.

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