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Signal processor

TC Electronic M350
TC Electronic M-One XL
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K
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TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive
TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus
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Guitar Effect Processor

TC Electronic G-System
TC Electronic G-Major 2
TC Electronic M100
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Guitar Tuner

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip black
TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini
TC Electronic PolyTune 2
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Bass amp & speaker

TC Electronic BH550
TC Electronic RH750
TC Electronic BH250
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Pro audio accessory

TC Electronic PowerPlug 9
TC Electronic Level Pilot (1 unit)
TC Electronic Soft Cover RS 410
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We’re Devoted to Your Audio

Our dynamic, compact teams draw from more than 40 R & D specialists and stop at nothing to create products that lead the way on digital audio effects, amplification and networking. We think our secret is the value we place on living in the shoes of those most affected by sound. This is why customers facing the greatest demands have chosen TC Electronic: top artists, world class recording studios, the most prominent TV and Radio stations and leading theatres and public address companies.

Elevating Your Sound to a Higher Level

Every product from TC Electronic takes sound to a higher level: whether it’s guitarists using our TonePrint-enabled effects pedals, bassists playing through our ultra powerful and ultra light BG 250 amp, engineers on our acclaimed System 6000 processing flagship or broadcasters relying on the DB6 and other products which have earned us the title of “loudness authority”.

We Sweat for Your Sound

Our teams are deeply involved in the lives of musicians, engineers and audiences – so that we can deliver the richest audio experience for everyone in the chain.

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