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Neutrik NBTC75BFI4

Neutrik NBTC75BFI4

The rearTWIST Tiny BNC cable connector is optimized for small cable diameters. The additional leading ferrule eases the critical assembly of multicore or tiny cables.

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This range of high quality BNC connectors offers excellent mechanical and electrical performance and simple assembly. Precision machined components give true 75 ohm impedance and excellent return-loss, even at frequencies up to 4.5GHz, making them suitable for 3Gb/s HD-SDI 1080p, SD-SDI and analogue video. A compact variation on the traditional BNC twist-lock connector, mating / un-mating is achieved by twisting the whole connector, rather than just an awkward knurled front coupling nut as on conventional styles.

The integral cable strain relief boot gives an extended area of grip making these ideal for recessed connection panels or high-density termination panels , where restricted access to the ‘head’ of a conventional connector might be an issue. An integral black cable boot is standard with each connector and provides strain relief. Additional coloured boots, for easy cable identification, may be ordered separately and substituted at the time of assembly. BST-BNC boots are for use with NBNC type connectors, BST-BLC boots are for use with NBLC type connectors. A rubber cap with cable attachment loop is also available.

Suitable cables:
Belden 1520A, Belden 1521A, Belden 1522A, Belden 179DT, Draka 0.31/1.45 AF, Draka 753-1304(2), Draka 755-1302, Suhner G02233, ZNK CM14B

Crimp size:
Pin: 1.6 mm (square)
Shield: 4.06 mm (hex)

Additional Information / Neutrik NBTC75BFI4

Brand Neutrik
Connector type BNC
  • “rearTWIST Principle” locking/unlocking using the easily accessible soft touch boot (Patent DE 100 48507)
  • Ideal for recessed bulkheads where access to the “head” of the connector might be an issue. These connectors turn from the back and not the front.
  • Optimized assembly for mutlicore or tiny cables
  • True 75 Ù design meets the stringent HDTV / DVD requirements
  • Leading area: Avoids tilting due to side forces to protect contacts from deformation. Guarantees a lifetime of min. 1000 mating cycles!
  • Snug-fit center pin insert provides tactile feedback
  • Shield and jacket crimp technology prevents the problem of an exposed grounding braid on cable assemblies
  • Excellent cable protection and retention
  • Precise Swiss machined brass parts for outstanding durability
  • Accessories include color coded boots in 10 standard colors, crimp tool and dies
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