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Neutrik SCDR

Neutrik SCDR

Soft plastic cover for the rear ends of several D-size chassis connectors. It is used to protect the gap between connector and cable. The protection cover works with all common wires and cables – you simply cut off the cover end to the preferred diameter.

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Neutrik have improved on the original opticalCON with the introduction of the opticalCON ADVANCED range. All ADVANCED cable connectors have an extremely rugged protective rubber coating with integral anti-kink strain relief boot and a rubber-coated metal, latching cap attached by a steel lanyard (The metal latching cap and connector front housing is available separately to upgrade older assemblies, see SCNO below). The opticalCON ADVANCED system is designed around the duplex LC optical connector plus, optionally, four copper conductors, housed in a ruggedised latching body. They are suitable for point-to-point audio, data or camera connection use in all environments such as studio floors, touring, rental and outside broadcast. The cable connectors are supplied pre-assembled only, onto a choice of fibre or fibre/copper hybrid cables. The chassis connectors act as a feed-through and may be mated at the front with Neutrik opticalCON DUO leads for harsh applications, or standard single or duplex LC leads for simple patching. The chassis connector rear accepts standard single or duplex LC connectors and has solder cup termination for copper conductors.

Fibres within both chassis and cable connectors are protected from dirt when unmated by integral, automatic, sealing-shutters with silicone gaskets, which lift when the connectors are mated. The shutters also block laser emission, should a source be left switched on inadvertently. Connector housings have an extremely hard-wearing black chrome finish.

Multimode (MM), 50/125 micron, PC style assemblies are available as well as singlemode (SM), 9/125 micron, assemblies, also in PC style. Please note that LC cables fitted to the rear of the chassis connector MUST match the mating opticalCON ADVANCED DUO assembly type. Connections between MM 50 micron and either 62.5 micron or other fibre sizes may cause losses of 3dB or more. 


Whilst not fully compatible with the SMPTE 304M standard, opticalCON DUO is suitable for indoor (studio) camera links in dry, pollution-free environments according to Pollution degree 1 (dry non-conductive conditions etc.)

Voltage for camera applications

opticalCON DUO adheres to IEC 60664-1: SMPTE types are suitable for camera systems of up to 400V DC or 250V AC, overvoltage category 1, provided the camera system has an over-voltage cut-out circuit and requires only basic insulation. SMPTE type chassis connectors must be earthed via their grounding contacts and it is recommended that all solder connections to the chassis connector be protected by silicone sleeving.

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