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Pioneer expands its range of full HD Dash Cameras

Pioneer Europe (May 2nd, 2020) – Pioneer announces that it is expanding its range of Dash Cameras by introducing three new models. These new models compromise of the flagship VREC- DZ700DC; a 2-Channel front and rear dual camera package, the VREC-DZ600; a 1-Channel front camera, and the VREC-DH200, an Ultra Compact Design 1-Channel front camera. Each Dash Camera records in FULL HD (1920 x 1080p), Wide Viewing Angles of up to 160° ensuring you capture data even in blind spots, GPS and G-Sensors for precise location accuracy and also built-in Wi-Fi® to connect your smartphone via an exclusive Pioneer app. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or AndroidTM smartphone.

“With more and more vehicles on the road, accidents can occur, often not at your fault,” says Girish Janday, Product & Marketing Manager of Pioneer Europe NV. “Being able to identify who was at fault, quickly, not only for you, but also for your insurance company, can help reduce false insurance claims. That is why owning a Pioneer Dash Camera is important. With core features such as Wide Viewing Angles, GPS, Night Time Mode, Security Mode and especially 24/7 Security Mode, we believe our new range can help protect you, your loved ones, and your insurance premium by capturing evidence in high quality that can be used, should it ever be required”.

Paying special attention to the quality of the recorded data, Pioneer designed the VREC-DZ700DC and VREC-DZ600 to record using High Sensitivity. This means that when driving on roads or in tunnels, the license plate and surrounding conditions are clearly recorded. Pioneer calls this feature Night Time Mode. By adopting the SONY CMOS sensor STARVISTM, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) these Dash Cameras really give a good balance between bright and low light conditions. This combination of image correction means these products are suitable for night time driving.

Also featuring is Pioneer’s Security Mode, allowing for automatic recording of a scene after an impact is detected when your vehicle is parked. In addition to Security Mode, 24/7 Security Mode uses the vehicle battery after the Dash Camera internal battery goes empty, allowing you to monitor your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year. Great for extra peace of mind that your vehicle is protected, even if the engine is off, or parked at a restaurant or an airport for example.



2-Channel, Front & Rear Dual Dash Camera package

Full HD. 160° Wide Viewing Angle. GPS. G-Sensor. Wi-Fi. Pioneer Dash Camera Interface app. Night Time Mode. WDR, HDR (Rear). SONY CMOS sensor STARVISTM. 24/7 Security Mode. Dual Recording. 16GB microSD included.



1-Channel Front Dash Camera

Full HD. 160° Wide Viewing Angle. GPS. G-Sensor. Wi-Fi. Pioneer Dash Camera Interface app. Night Time Mode. WDR. HDR. SONY CMOS sensor STARVISTM. Security Mode*. 16GB microSD included. (*Optional 24/7 Security Mode requires RD-HWK100 accessory, sold separately).



1-Channel Ultra Compact Design Front Dash Camera

Full HD. 130° Wide Viewing Angle. GPS. G-Sensor. Wi-Fi. Pioneer Dash Camera Remote app.

Security Mode. Gesture Event Recording. 16GB microSD included.

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